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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The person responsible for payment agrees to all charges and deposits imposed by, which are not refundable if the service is terminated.
  • Acceptable payment options include checks, cash, and major credit cards. (AMEX, Visa, MC, Discover). 3.5 percent on credit cards.
  • The Customer authorizes unpaid deposits and balances by signing or verbally accepting services.
  • At the time of picking up, payment must be made
  • reserves the right to substitute any vehicle for another vehicle as long as it’s a similar size or more prominent and the vehicle is different in color. All vehicles quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in any vehicle. Smokers found in the vehicle will be asked to extinguish the cigar/cigarette, and the Customer is charged a $100 charge for each incident. No possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal or illegal drug is allowed. Violations can result in the immediate cancellation of your contract and services and the forfeiture of any fees or deposits to be paid for the service.
  • Clean-up costs for spills or accidents caused by customers are the Customer’s responsibility. The charge is $350.00 to repair or replace any vehicle component damaged by any passenger
  • Drivers aren’t authorized to exceed the number of passengers listed on your contract.
  • Gratuities for drivers are optional but certainly appreciated
  • is not responsible for delays caused by traffic conditions, accidents, or any other unforeseeable act of God. Any time lost due to the above causes will be compensated after the charter. The Customer is responsible for the total amount for any reduction in the vehicle or service duration.
  • Your charter will be extended beyond your allocated date and time. If this happens, you will be charged for the rest of your time in 1-hour increments. This fee will be calculated proportional to the rates for the day and will be noted on your contract or verbal agreement.
  • A person who is younger than 21 can’t drink alcohol. There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in vehicles carrying passengers more youthful than 21 without a legal guardian present. The trip will be canceled with the forfeiture of all deposits and fees for service if any alcoholic beverages are located on an adult. Alcohol consumption by a minor should not be accepted under any circumstances. Alternate drinks can be requested for a fee.
  • The person in charge of payment understands and agrees that all deposits and charges are governed by and are non-refundable if the service is terminated.
  • If, at any time, the service is terminated due to unruly conduct or vehicle damage, or any other abuse that determines to be legitimate, no refund of money will be given. reserves all rights to cancel service in the event it deems essential.
  • It is prohibited to step out of the sunroof while the vehicle is operating. Minor passengers will not be permitted to travel in the vehicle if the sunroof is not shut or locked. The dividers must also be secured.
  •’s employees and are required to exercise discretion. is not responsible for:

  • Damage or loss to baggage or carry-on items, including contents. Things that might be damaged in transportation
  • While we are happy to allow you to bring personal videotapes, compact discs, and other items of your own, we do not take any responsibility for items left in the vehicle during or after the rental period of limousines.
  • The inability to use the service for any reason includes but is not limited to communications failures or other issues with the delivery or transmission of information obtained through it.
  • Suppose there’s any physical damage to the limousine caused by the Customer or any other passenger or passenger. In that case, there will be a minimum charge of $350.00 for the repair or cleaning of the limousine. This includes any person who becomes sick in the limousine. The decision regarding the excessive use or use of the vehicle is the sole decision of only, as does its knowledge of the general use of hired limousines.


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